What is Horsey Gang?

Horsey Gang is a project designed for you to express yourself in the digital world and to have a quality life experience, and the first phase consists of 3333 NFT.

This collection is the first one of the three-phased Horsey Gang Family project. The next phases are Horseys Wives and 3D Baby Horseys as playable avatars featured in the metaverse.

You will join us to learn the news.

Horsey Gang Nfts are designed as a project that can be stored for a long time and will gain value with each passing time. Horsey owners involved in this project will have privileges for the next phases that will be done in the future. With Horseys you can have fun and earn at the same time! Horseys are ready for a dream run! As you move toward a dream the dream moves towards you! Be a member of our gang and run to your dreams with Horseys!

How do get learn the news?

To qualify for pre-sales, whitelists, airdrops in Horsey Gang NFTs, join our influencer area or have detailed information about the project, you should follow our Twitter. For the community and detailed talks and news, you should join our Discord.

Join the community

Don’t forget to join the community to ask any questions, talk strategy, and get involved. Horsey Gang has a lively community on Discord.



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